Tortellini Bake

T. G. I. F. Can I get an amen?! It hasn’t been a bad week, but it’s been a long one! But, I’m not complaining- I got a super awesome job offer this week and I can’t wait to start it. The company is great and the people are greater. I’ll be getting off at…

Mexican Chicken Spaghetti

I have seen this recipe called many things, mostly Cheesy, Chicken Spaghetti… and I’ve seen it made with many different ingredients. I tweaked it and made it my own and it turned out so super delicious. This recipe is simple and makes enough for leftovers. Here’s what you need: 8 ounces angel hair pasta 2…

The Secret to Slap-Yo-Momma Spaghetti

I perfected my spaghetti to slap-yo-momma status a few years ago and have been making it the same ever since. My secret ingredient has always been added to the noodles, but recently I switched it up, thanks to my bestie Britt. So… y’all ready for the secret ingredient? It’s going to blow your mind. I…

Ranch Penne Pasta with Chicken and Vegetables

I’m a sucker for anything with noodles in it. Number 1, you can create a million and one recipes with them, and number 2, they’re the easiest things ever to cook with. This recipe is only takes about 20 minutes to cook and is super delicious. First, bring a pot of water with a pinch…

Ravioli with Garlic Basil Oil

Hey y’all! Anybody else currently need a boat to get through their yard? Goodness gracious we had a lot of rain this afternoon. Seriously.

Buffalo Chicken Pasta

Most days during the week around 3 in the afternoon, I start trying to figure out what to make for supper. Yesterday, I knew I wanted a pasta, but not spaghetti. I also wanted chicken. And cheese. And bacon. Not too particular, right?

Garlic Parmesan Noodles

I have been craving garlic noodles, and I finally made them today. They’re super yummy and super easy!