Week 3 Weigh-in

At the end of 3 weeks, I’m 10 pounds down! I’m telling y’all, Weight. Watchers. Works. Exercising works. Drinking water works. And discipline and hard work pay off. 

It’s so super easy and I no longer get hunger pains. Thr eating is easier and the workouts are harder!

If you need help getting started or need any tips or advice, please feel free to message me!



Week 3: Weight Loss Journey

Well y’all, I’m in week 3 of my weight loss journey, and while I don’t want to give a “pounds lost” update just yet, I wanted to update on a few other things instead.

Anybody who has ever dieted will tell you: the first week is the hardest. Honestly, it wasn’t that tough because I’ve been there and done that. What is tough is working your ass off to stay on track, never going over your points, always working out, and hitting the scale only to see you haven’t lost a single pound since your last weigh in.

That’s what happened to me on this week’s weigh in. And that’s why I didn’t update. It’s kind of a huge disappointment. I know our weight fluctuates, and that’s the irritating part of dieting for women. I did, however, weigh myself yesterday and things are moving again in the right direction! I will update on Monday at my next weigh in.

I get asked almost daily what I do to work out and it’s simple: I walk or jog 2-3 miles every single day and I have a daily workout app that I use. So far, I have only missed two days of walking and that was only due to rain.

The app I use is 30 Day Ab Challenge. Apple users download here. Android users download here. Don’t worry – it’s free!

Within the app, there are several challenges: it starts with Beginner, then Intermediate, and ends with Advanced. There are two levels to each section, and each has its own 30 day challenge. It sounds confusing but I assure you, the app makes it as easy as possible to follow. There are even videos if you need them that show you how to do the exercises.

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Day 1 starts out fairly simple: 15 situps, 5 crunces, 5 leg raises, and a 10 second plank. On Day 1, you’re thinking, “okay, this is never going to work at this pace.” But yesterday was Day 18 for me and I’m up to 80 situps, 110 crunches, 48 leg raises, and a 70 second plank. It gets hard, y’all. Real hard. But what I can testify to is that it works. My belly is shrinking. I can feel it and I can see it.

As for Weight Watchers, I love the diet so much. They make it super easy, especially with their app. Can y’all tell I’m a tech person? Seriously though, you can scan anything with a barcode and it tells you how many points it is. If you don’t have a barcode, just search for it. They make it easier than ever to lose weight. And the best part is: IT. WORKS.

If any of y’all have any questions, or just need some motivation, please feel free to email me or just leave a comment. My motivation and dedication these days is in high gear and I would love to help anyone reach their weight loss and fitness goals!

Stay tuned for Monday’s update. I’m pretty excited about it!


Throwback Thursday Ten-year Timeline


Hey y’all! The weekend is so close I can taste it! Tomorrow is our Memorial Day cookout at work and is usually followed by us leaving early. And then it’s HELLO 3 DAY WEEKEND!! I plan on taking my little guy to our local splash pad for some sunshine fun sometime over the course of the weekend, so it should be a good one, per usual.

Today I’m doing something a little different for Throwback Thursday and I hope you enjoy!

2007 >>> I was ending my 8th semester of college at the University of Alabama in Huntsville and going into my 4th year working for Parisian. Literally one of the best jobs I ever had. As for school, I still had no idea what I wanted to do with my life.

2008 >>> I went to Los Angeles. Absolute best trip of my life! A few days after we left, there was a huge fire at Universal Studios Hollywood. I went to live tapings of the Jay Leno show and saw Rob Schneider and the Jimmy Fallon show where I saw the Pussycat Dolls perform. Rodeo Drive was the highlight of the trip.

2009 >>> I saw the band Heartland at Bridgestreet Town Centre in Huntsville. I went to Bridgestreet at least once a week back then! If you’re not familiar, it’s an old French-style outdoor shopping place with some pretty fancy places to eat.

2010 >>> This was the last year I went to Panama City Beach with my family. I am more excited than ever to finally be going back in a couple of months! I love going back time and time again to relive those precious memories!

2011 >>> I started working at a correctional facility in May. I learned so much working there. I learned not to be judgmental of anyone ever. I also learned how to take a grown man to his knees with one hand.

2012 >>> I fell in love with my best friend and moved in with him. Life hasn’t been the same since! By far, the best decision I ever made.

2013 >>> I got a license to sell insurance. Worst job ever. Unless you enjoy selling overpriced insurance to people who hate insurance companies. I also married my hubby and we went on our honeymoon in the mountains.

2014 >>> I was pregnant for most of this year. I had a high blood pressure, borderline gestational diabetic, borderline preeclampsia pregnancy. Jase was born in November by C-section because he was breech the entire pregnancy.

2015 >>> I started working for a garbage company. I know I said selling insurance was the worst job ever. But this one easily ties for first place. I was a customer service representative. Let me tell you, people are really passionate about their trash here in the south. Once, a lady asked to come search our landfill for her teeth. I kid you not.

2016 >>> One day I got a call for an interview at a company I knew nothing about. They wanted me to work in the accounting department. I randomly sent them my resume a few days prior so the call was kind of a surprise. I took the job and I couldn’t be happier or feel more blessed with my choice to work there. Best people ever!

All of these things I remember as if it were just yesterday. And I’m sure glad because man, time flies!

Y’all have a good Thursday and hallelujah tomorrow is Friday!

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