21743146_10212759429692074_2252733520902452044_nHey y’all, I’m Amanda! I was born in Georgia and moved to Alabama when I was still a baby. I lived most of my life in a small town called Arab, and a few years in Union Grove. Both are country… and so am I. I moved to Springville, Alabama in 2012 when I met my husband. I take a lot of { iPhone } pictures and share almost all of them. I love to cook { with love and butter } – and I like to think I’m pretty good at it. I love my husband and son with all my heart and love nothing more than spending time with them and making memories. I’m pretty straightforward { sometimes that gets me in trouble! } but loving and caring. And I tend not to leave out any details, if you know what I mean.

My husband Eric was born in Birmingham, Alabama and has lived in Springville his entire life. Springville is just as country as the places I have lived. We wouldn’t have it any other way. He’s a lover of all things outdoors, warm weather, and of course his wife and son.

25542708_10100615654530963_3044477412433506294_oOur son Jase was born in November 2014 and life has been nonstop since then! He’s the smartest kid I’ve ever seen – I know…all moms say that! – and has an awesome memory. He remembers everything we tell him and soaks up knowledge like a sponge. His favorite things are trucks, tractors, trains, and Paw Patrol. He loves going to “school” and playing with his friends. Our favorite thing to talk about when I pick him up each day is what he had for lunch and who he loved playing with that day.

The food I cook is Southern. And I mean Southern to the fullest extent of the word. I believe in butter and frying pans. My dishes almost always have brown sugar in them, and usually end up with a dash of smoked paprika, garlic powder, or ranch powder… usually always a combination of the three. I love putting weird things together – like cheese and honey buns – and the first thing I ever learned to cook was eggs in the microwave.

I originally started my blog in 2014 as a place to update on my pregnancy. I started it in my 4th week and haven’t stopped since. Now, years later, I still use it to post updates on my son, but now it’s combined with posts on our family life, the food we cook, and the fun we have. I also love the comments and messages I get from my readers, so keep them coming!

More about us. . .12963859_10100279760729833_9190358656566728385_n

  • Eric and I met when we both worked in a correctional facility. That’s just a fancy way of saying county jail.
  • We met in 2011, got married in 2013, and had our son in 2014. We like to stay busy.
  • We are both sarcastic. We are also both short-tempered. And we’re both hilarious. Go figure.
  • Some days I talk too much. Some days I don’t want to talk to anyone. That will probably never change.
  • I take many, many, many pictures almost daily… with my iPhone.
  • No matter how many times I proofread, you will find errors in my posts.
  • And, I, overuse, commas!
  • I went to Los Angeles when I was 23. Most amazing trip ever.
  • I use recipes when I cook, but only for the measurements. I make up my own ingredients.
  • I love to cook huge, homemade meals… but usually only do it on the weekends.

Seriously, I’m horrible at blogging. Not the actual writing part, but the remembering to do it part. I hope you all enjoy reading as must as I love posting…

when I remember to do it.

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