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It’s Monday… I woke up at 5:43, realized I still had 22 minutes left to sleep, fell back into a deep sleep and woke up 40 minutes later. I showed up to work looking like I slept in the clothes I’m wearing, half a face of makeup and unfixed hair… but I showed up.

By the time I got to work and got settled in I was starving. I pulled a honey bun out of my desk and wished that I had a slice of Velveeta to melt on top of it… and that got me thinking: I eat some weird shit. Does anybody eat cheese on their honey buns? Highly doubt it. But I wanted to share some of my weirdest combos and I definitely want to hear yours.

Honey bun with melted cheeseput a slice of cheese on top and microwave for 15 seconds.

Chili with a grilled peanut butter and jelly sandwich on the sidenothing better than melted peanut butter!

Peanut butter, ham and cheese sandwichpeanut butter on both slices!

Banana and mayo sandwichthe banana MUST be coined… not sliced!!

Peanut butter and bacon sandwichextra crispy!

Plain chips and vanilla ice creamI like to crumble up some chips in the bottom of the bowl and put the ice cream on top… let it melt and mix it up!

Popcorn and milkfill a glass half full of milk and fill the other half with popcorn.

Bacon dipped in cream cheesetrust me… just try it…

Fries dipped in honeyMcDonalds slipped up and gave me honey instead of honey mustard one day. Best mistake ever!

Scrambled eggs and grape jellyI grew up thinking this was normal because my parents did it.. but as I get older, I am told more and more often how weird it is??

Popcorn and M&MsI learned this one at the movie theater when I was younger..

Spaghetti with ranch dressing same concept as pizza with ranch.. no?

Doritos and cream cheese I prefer cream cheese over any chip dip any day.

Sweet Heat barbeque chips with peanut butterspread the peanut butter on the chip and make a sandwich out of it.

Macaroni and cheese with ketchuphonestly I have been doing this since I was a kid and now my kid won’t eat his any other way!

Hamburger on a donutuse the donut as the bun and make the rest as you usually would!

Y’all check back because this is legitimately deep on my mind at this point and I’m trying to think of every gross little thing I do with my food. I know I’m not the only person eating this disgusting stuff… what’s your grossest food combination?!!

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