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Y’all!! I literally just took a year-long anti-blogging hiatus. But guess what!? I’M BACK HONEY!

So, the first thing I just had to talk to y’all about is salad dressing. That’s not weird, right?

Okay, a little back story on this subject: the other night, Wesley Babe and I were craving – in the most gigantic sense of the word – a salad. So we get them made and I grab the ranch out of the fridge and Wesley asks me to grab the thousand island. I expected this because I don’t eat thousand island and he asked me to get it at the store for him. But what happened next I did not expect.

He put BOTH. DRESSINGS. on the salad.

I have to know if anyone else on the planet does this!? At first I knocked it. Then I tried it. And I’m officially a fan! It blows my mind because, 1.) I never knew this was a thing, and 2.) HOW did I never know this was a thing!?

Y’all let me know….

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