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Good morning, y’all! It’s been an eventful last 12 hours! I laid down last night around 10 and could NOT go to sleep. I finally started falling asleep around 1 when I heard the absolute loudest boom of thunder I have ever heard in my life. It sounded like a freaking grenade went off in our back yard. I slapped Eric while I shot up like a Roman candle. Two seconds later there was a second boom. Immediately following the second boom is when I heard it: the stove error alarm. F1=control board failure. And immediately following that was extreme anger! This is the fourth time this has happened in two years. The FOURTH time in TWO years. Seriously ticked off because every meal planned for this week requires the oven!

But… that is life… moving on…..

All of last week I had planned on making sausage and cheese omelets for Sunday breakfast. Luckily our little stove issue (I say little because it could be worse. At this point, the stove is still usable as long you light it with a lighter… safe right?)

These little bags of deliciousness are so easy and I’m willing to bet your kids will love to help.

Of course, you can add whatever ingredients you wish in your omelet. I’m pretty bland when it comes to omelets. I’m a sausage and cheese kind of person. But you can add bacon, tomatoes, potatoes, onions… whatever you like.

Here’s what you need:

  • Eggs
  • Meat
  • Cheese
  • Ziploc bags
  • Salt and pepper
  • Salsa (optional)

First, boil a pot of water. Approximately 6 cups.

Then, cook your meat (if you’re using meat). Brown your sausage, cook your bacon. If you’re using tomatoes or onions or anything else that requires dicing, do it now.

Next, get a cup. The taller the better. But small enough to fit the seal of a Ziploc bag around.

Next, add in your eggs. Depending on the size of the omelet you want will determine how many eggs you use. I use 2 for mine and it’s a little too much for me. Then add in all your other ingredients.

When you have everything added, zip it up and shake. Smash it, roll it, shake it. Just mix it up really well.

Place your bags in the pot of boiling water.

Leave them alone until the outsides look cooked. At that point, start rolling over every 5 minutes or so. It’s going to take around 20 minutes to cook fully. After 20 minutes take a bag out, open it and cut a hole in the middle of the omelet. If it’s done, it’s done. If it’s not, zip it up and put it back.

When it’s done, it should slide ride out of the bag. I top mine with salt, pepper and salsa. It’s good with sour cream too.

Super duper delicious!

So here’s to getting Sears on the phone and getting a new control board for my stove ordered.

Until next time!


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