One Month Weight Loss Update

Today marks one month since I changed my eating habits and started working out. 31 days of determination, dedication and willpower helped me to lose FIFTEEN POUNDS. 

Y'all. I am one pound away from seeing a number on the scale I haven't seen since Jase was born in 2014. I am literally ecstatic to keep pushing on and working hard!

Last night I finished Day 30 of level 1 of the 30 Day Ab Challenge. This is what my workout looked like:

I also added in 3 60 second rounds of weight lifting. This is what Day 1 of level 2 looks like for tonight:

It looks like you start out at a lower intensity – almost starting over – but adding in an extra workout technique. 

My Smart Points have dropped to 30 (from the 32 I started at) and I'm still finding that I have too many points in the evening. I am working on eating more throughout the day, but personally it's hard. I have never been much for eating breakfast, so I still usually only eat eggs or grits for breakfast. Lunch is either dinner leftovers or a Smart Ones frozen lunch. I try to eat a snack in the afternoons but I'm usually too busy and forget. Since my grocery shopping habits have changed, most of what I buy is low in points so if I come home with 20 points left, it's hard to eat all those points away on 2 point chicken and 0 point green beans! But I'm working on that…

I have loved getting messages from you all about weight loss and fitness. KEEP. THEM. COMING. I am so happy to offer advice!

Happy Thursday Friends! Come on 4 day weekend!

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