One Month Weight Loss Update

Today marks one month since I changed my eating habits and started working out. 31 days of determination, dedication and willpower helped me to lose FIFTEEN POUNDS. 

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Week 3 Weigh-in

At the end of 3 weeks, I’m 10 pounds down! I’m telling y’all, Weight. Watchers. Works. Exercising works. Drinking water works. And discipline and hard work pay off. 

It’s so super easy and I no longer get hunger pains. Thr eating is easier and the workouts are harder!

If you need help getting started or need any tips or advice, please feel free to message me!



The Secret to Tender, Juicy Chicken

You ready for this? 

This is about 3 pounds of chicken breast. Before cooking, I coated it in garlic powder, onion powder, smoked paprika, salt, pepper, and…here it is- the main ingredient: mustard. 

Yes, mustard. This chicken was so juicy, so tender, and the flavor was out of this world. 

Give it a try, y’all and let me know what you think!

4 ounces chicken served with 1 cup Zatarain’s Cheese Jambalaya and pan-cooked green beans. 10 Weight Watchers SmartPoints.