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Throwback Thursday Ten-year Timeline


Hey y’all! The weekend is so close I can taste it! Tomorrow is our Memorial Day cookout at work and is usually followed by us leaving early. And then it’s HELLO 3 DAY WEEKEND!! I plan on taking my little guy to our local splash pad for some sunshine fun sometime over the course of the weekend, so it should be a good one, per usual.

Today I’m doing something a little different for Throwback Thursday and I hope you enjoy!

2007 >>> I was ending my 8th semester of college at the University of Alabama in Huntsville and going into my 4th year working for Parisian. Literally one of the best jobs I ever had. As for school, I still had no idea what I wanted to do with my life.

2008 >>> I went to Los Angeles. Absolute best trip of my life! A few days after we left, there was a huge fire at Universal Studios Hollywood. I went to live tapings of the Jay Leno show and saw Rob Schneider and the Jimmy Fallon show where I saw the Pussycat Dolls perform. Rodeo Drive was the highlight of the trip.

2009 >>> I saw the band Heartland at Bridgestreet Town Centre in Huntsville. I went to Bridgestreet at least once a week back then! If you’re not familiar, it’s an old French-style outdoor shopping place with some pretty fancy places to eat.

2010 >>> This was the last year I went to Panama City Beach with my family. I am more excited than ever to finally be going back in a couple of months! I love going back time and time again to relive those precious memories!

2011 >>> I started working at a correctional facility in May. I learned so much working there. I learned not to be judgmental of anyone ever. I also learned how to take a grown man to his knees with one hand.

2012 >>> I fell in love with my best friend and moved in with him. Life hasn’t been the same since! By far, the best decision I ever made.

2013 >>> I got a license to sell insurance. Worst job ever. Unless you enjoy selling overpriced insurance to people who hate insurance companies. I also married my hubby and we went on our honeymoon in the mountains.

2014 >>> I was pregnant for most of this year. I had a high blood pressure, borderline gestational diabetic, borderline preeclampsia pregnancy. Jase was born in November by C-section because he was breech the entire pregnancy.

2015 >>> I started working for a garbage company. I know I said selling insurance was the worst job ever. But this one easily ties for first place. I was a customer service representative. Let me tell you, people are really passionate about their trash here in the south. Once, a lady asked to come search our landfill for her teeth. I kid you not.

2016 >>> One day I got a call for an interview at a company I knew nothing about. They wanted me to work in the accounting department. I randomly sent them my resume a few days prior so the call was kind of a surprise. I took the job and I couldn’t be happier or feel more blessed with my choice to work there. Best people ever!

All of these things I remember as if it were just yesterday. And I’m sure glad because man, time flies!

Y’all have a good Thursday and hallelujah tomorrow is Friday!

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