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Ravioli with Garlic Basil Oil

Hey y’all!

Anybody else currently need a boat to get through their yard? Goodness gracious we had a lot of rain this afternoon. Seriously.

When I left work I got stuck on the interstate due to a wreck. My husband called me at 430 and said he left work at 4 and had only made it a few miles. I sat in one section on the interstate for close to 30 minutes, move a few miles, then get stuck again due to a fallen tree in the road. Needless to say, by the time we made it home there was at least 6 inches of water standing in the yard.

Jase and I took a ride on the 4 wheeler while there was a small break in the rain. When we made it to the creek it started raining again so we were soaked by the time we made it back home.

Anyway, while I sit back and unwind from a hectic day, let me share with you this easy 25 minute recipe the whole family will love.

I really hope y’all enjoy this family pleaser and happy cooking!

Blue and Orange Simple Mexican Food Recipe Card

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