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It’s Shake n’ Bake!

…and I helped!

I know, I know. That wasn’t funny. I’ll do better. But, there’s a reason for the bad humor. Yesterday morning I laid out some boneless chicken breast to thaw, and from 9am until 4pm I asked Eric at least 1,428 times what he wanted me to make with it. I’m sure none of you can guess what his response was…


In one of my many annoying attempts to get him to tell me what he wanted, I rambled on about wanting to make spaghetti, but I needed to use the chicken so… OOOHHH BUT WAIT… chicken parmesan!

I remembered that I had a box of Italian Shake n’ Bake stuff. And you’ll never guess what recipe was on the back of that box. You guessed it: chicken parmesan. Super easy recipe guys. And honestly, super easy.


I did one thing differently though. I mixed my spaghetti sauce with the noodles and topped the chicken with it. Besides that, it actually turned out looking pretty much like this picture. I only wish I would have had a caesar salad to go with it!


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