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This Weekend…

… didn’t go as expected. Not that that really is a bad thing, though. I had intended on laying out and getting the pool opened, but Mother Nature had other plans.It was overcast most of the weekend so laying out didn’t happen.


I stayed inside all weekend, cleaning and cooking. And because I stayed in, so did Eric and Jase. It really ended up being a long and lazy weekend and we didn’t mind it one bend. We tend to stay moving on the weekends so it was nice to have a slower change of pace. I made homemade jalapeno pimento cheese for Saturday’s lunch and buffalo chicken pasta for dinner. Which reminds me, I need to post the recipe for y’all!

Sunday was Mississippi pot roast day! It has to cook for around 8 hours so we snacked all day, but man is it worth the wait! I served it up with some fried potatoes and it was a perfect end to the weekend!

We may not have accomplished much this weekend, but next weekend it’s on! Our pool is getting opened. I absolutely can’t wait any longer, otherwise the water will still be too cold by the time it’s hot enough to get in. We might also go to Discover the Dinosaurs at the BJCC. Haven’t decided on that one yet because I’m seeing a lot of mixed reviews about price and such. If any of you have ever been and have any info or advice, please share.

It’s rainy and overcast here today, but it is Monday. Hope y’all have a good one!

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