Southern Style Jalapeño Pimento Cheese


Pimento cheese is a southern favorite. I love this cheese spread good and spicy! Feel free to adjust the heat by using more or less jalapeños. This classic southern spread is great on vegetables, crackers or spread on sweet Hawaiian rolls. My personal favorite is using it to top a hamburger.

I have always bought my pimento cheese premade at the grocery store. Until one day, a guy’s wife sent him to work with some homemade. I tried it and begged him for the rest of the day to call her to get the recipe.

Blue and Orange Simple Mexican Food Recipe Card (2)

Old Fancy Things (4)

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  1. Andy Oldham says:

    Yum! One of my favorite snacks!

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  2. I hadn’t ever had it with jalapeños until yesterday and it was so good I went straight to the store and bought the ingredients!


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