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Steppin Into Summer Like…

Can it just be summer already? We didn’t have much of a winter here. We readily moved into Spring and it already feels like Summer with these days in the 80s, especially since it was a hot Easter.

The last couple of weekends I spent a lot of time channeling my inner Pam (that’s my momma, for y’all new folks). So what’s that mean? That means I had my 90s inspired lounge chair, tanning spray, and a huge cup full of an adult beverage. And that means I spent several hours laying in the sun, rolling from front to back every 30 minutes. With the radio blasting country tunes and Jase in his baby pool beside me, I have gotten a really impressive tan going on. If you’re interested, this is what I use.

It goes on easily, blends and covers easily, and tans you fast. It smells really good too. Definitely worth the 7 dollars.

Speaking of pools, we’re opening ours next weekend and I can. not. wait. 

I have been seeing posts on Facebook about upcoming outdoor events in the area and we are currently trying to figure out where to take a family trip this summer. With the smell of fresh cut grass in the air and the hot weather we’ve been having, I can’t help but look forward to summer.

But I may already be secretly pretending summer has already arrived. 

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