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Do the Robot

Funny story from Jase’s school shenanigans.

In the mornings, Jase goes to Miss Connie’s room until his teacher comes in later in the morning. He loves Miss Connie. She always makes a huge deal when he gets to school in the morning and it makes him feel super special. She also does a pretty sweet robot impression that all the kids love.

So the other day Jase threw a toy and Miss Connie had to get on to him. She told him if he did it again he would have to go to time out. Naturally, he looked her right in the eyes and chunked a toy across the room. She told him to come sit by her in time out, to which he replied, “Nooooo! Time out noooooo!”

After time out was over, she got down face to face with him and explained to him what he did wrong and that he can’t do that anymore.

“Jase, no more throwing toys. Do you understand?”

Jase got kept moving closer to her face until his face was touching hers. And in his most serious, deepest, monotone robot voice says…

“Do. The. Robot….”

He’s definitely my kid. No doubt about that.


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