Pictures Please!

Most mornings, I try to get Jase to let me take his picture. It usually ends up being a picture of him standing next to the car. This morning we get out at school and I ask him if he’ll stand by the car and let me get his picture and his answer was, “No! Picture by door! Stand by door!” He goes inside and runs to the door to his classroom and totally hams it up for the camera. He’s such a sweet mess!Read More »

Do the Robot

Funny story from Jase’s school shenanigans.

In the mornings, Jase goes to Miss Connie’s room until his teacher comes in later in the morning. He loves Miss Connie. Read More »

Weekend Shenanigans

Our weekend started out with a trip to the park to “play games.” Jase loves the park – but what kid doesn’t?Read More »