Pictures Please!

Most mornings, I try to get Jase to let me take his picture. It usually ends up being a picture of him standing next to the car. This morning we get out at school and I ask him if he’ll stand by the car and let me get his picture and his answer was, “No!…

Do the Robot

Funny story from Jase’s school shenanigans. In the mornings, Jase goes to Miss Connie’s room until his teacher comes in later in the morning. He loves Miss Connie.

Weekend Shenanigans

Our weekend started out with a trip to the park to “play games.” Jase loves the park – but what kid doesn’t?

Buffalo Chicken Sliders

This time change y’all….I need my lost hour back just so I have time to reset all my clocks! Daylight Savings is always an adjustment for us. We pretty much skipped a meal today because of it. When we finally started to get hungry, I wasn’t in the mood to cook –

Sunday Morning Got Me Like

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Barbecue Brown Sugar Pork Chops with Apples

These pork chops are by far, the absolute most delicious pork chops I have ever made. When I first saw it I thought the barbecue sauce and apples together sounded a little gross. But their flavors actually compliment each other very well.

Best Meatloaf Ever

Alright, so this meatloaf recipe started as a mistake. A while back, I had been searching for a good meatloaf recipe and when I finally found it, I screwed it up. Some of the ingredients were supposed to be used for the topping, but I wasn’t paying attention and added all the ingredients.

Bacon Parmesan Green Beans

I guarantee you one thing: once you make green beans like this, you will never ever ever – and I mean EVER – make them any other way!