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20 Things Depressing Your Toddler Right Now

  1. The time gap between Paw Patrol episodes.
  2. There was only 1 red gummy in his pack of fruit snacks.
  3. A jacket was forced on him this morning.
  4. You tried to make him pee in the potty.
  5. You changed his diaper.
  6. You smiled at him while he was playing.
  7. He hates his pants.
  8. He wants bananas. You’re out of bananas.
  9. You wouldn’t let him suck on a baby wipe.
  10. The outlet protectors are on really good.
  11. One of the wheels on his pretend shopping cart doesn’t roll right.
  12. You didn’t let him unroll an entire roll of toilet paper.
  13. You wouldn’t let him stare into a shining flashlight.
  14. The sun is coming through the window.
  15. There’s a car outside.
  16. The cat doesn’t seem to like having his tail pulled.
  17. He only has 2 knees.
  18. The dishwasher is running.
  19. You wouldn’t let him fall off the couch.
  20. You looked at him again.


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