44 Things to Love About the South

Sometimes the South seems like its own little world. I was born in Georgia but moved to Alabama when I was too young to remember. I spent my summers as a kid having sleepovers, riding bikes til the sun went down and catching lightning bugs until Momma said it was time to come in. If you’re not from around here you might wonder why strangers talk to each other, why everyone says “yes ma’am and yes sir” to everyone, regardless of their age, and why the hell it’s so humid.


Here are some things – good, bad, or maybe just plain weird – that only true Southerners can relate to.

  1. You understand how peaceful it is sitting on the porch watching cars pass.
  2. You know the feeling of peeling your skin off the boiling leather of a car seat in the middle of summer.
  3. You know without a doubt anything can be fried and turn out good.
  4. You know that Honey, Sugar, Sweet Pea, and Pumpkin are usually not referring to food.
  5. You know what to do with a honeysuckle.
  6. You know that casseroles are necessary for any get-together.
  7. You don’t think talking to complete strangers in public is weird. In fact, it’s just good manners.
  8. You know that asking for a ‘Coke’ could mean you might not actually get a Coca-Cola.
  9. You’ve felt like you were actually suffocating from humidity.
  10. You use y’all to address a group of two or more people.
  11. You feel completely okay talking shit about somebody as long as you follow it with a “bless her heart.”
  12. The slam of a screen door will always make you feel at home.
  13. It is nearly impossible to tell the difference between a snow day and the Apocalypse.
  14. You’ve tried to fry an egg on asphalt or bake cookies on your dashboard during the summer.
  15. You agree that sweet tea is the only kind of tea there is.
  16. You’re able to give directions based on which church is on which corner.
  17. You agree that nowhere else in the country does biscuits better.
  18. Tractors and horses are acceptable forms of transportation.
  19. You know that all BBQ is NOT created equal.
  20. You have your monogram on your car, clothes, bags, towels, wallets, hats, shoes, and possibly your underwear.
  21. You know what a pocketbook is.
  22. You never, ever, forget to write a thank-you note after receiving a gift.
  23. You agree that Taylor Swift never was real country music.
  24. You know the struggle of wanting Chick-fil-A on a Sunday.
  25. You don’t leave the pool when a thunderstorm rolls in. You just wait it out til the lightning stops.
  26. You know it’s not a shopping cart… it’s a buggy.
  27. You know college football is a religion. It’s Bama or Auburn. There is no in between.
  28. You dress up and put your face on every where you go. Even to the grocery store.
  29. You’re still not sure what Alan Jackson meant when he sang “way down yonder on the Chattahootchee, it gets hotter than a hoochie coochie,” but you definitely hear that song differently now than when you were a kid.
  30. You know that sororities and fraternities mean something completely different here than anywhere else in the country.
  31. You’ve caught a crawdaddy with your bare hands.
  32. Vacation usually consists of a trip to Panama City or Gatlinburg.
  33. You know a Baptist, Catholic, Presbyterian, Methodist, and Lutheran.
  34. The sound of a banjo and fiddle is a perfect combination of sounds.
  35. Bonfires are your idea of a perfect weekend.
  36. You don’t really realize how strong your Southern accent is until you go somewhere else.
  37. You know gravy and biscuits are a breakfast staple.
  38. You know “shit fire” is an acceptable reaction when something doesn’t go your way.
  39. You know “How’s your momma n’em” and “Hey Hun” are both expected greetings.
  40. You know if your Momma said “cut them eyes at me one more time” she might slap the taste outcha mouth or knock you into next week.
  41. There’s more dirt roads where you’re from than paved.
  42. If you have ever said “is it any count?” to ask if something was good.
  43. Swimming at the lake is a normal summer activity.
  44. You ride with the windows down in your car 10 months out of the year.

I know there’s tons more things about the South that makes it the South. What’s your favorite?



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