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Nap Time Godsend 

Nap time for us on the weekends goes one of two ways: it either doesn’t exist or it goes over like a turd in a punch bowl.  

Today, he didn’t really put up a fight but he refused to go down. He did keep saying “Thomas bed” (he has a Thomas the Train bed), but that was a no-go to me since 15 minutes prior I went into his room to find that he pulled his basketball goal over and used it as a way to climb up on his changing table. Little shit.

I remembered a few weeks ago Eric went to get Jase early from daycare and he accidentally showed up during nap time. He said they were all snoozing away and that there was kids music playing quietly.

After I finally convinced Jase to climb up in my lap and let me rock him, it hit me: music! 

We didn’t make it through Old MacDonald Had A Farm before he passed out. Golden!

I found this gem on iTunes – it has 30 kid’s songs on it. Honestly, it was the first album I clicked on, but I’m so happy it worked out that way! You can get it here.


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