School Pictures

Last picture day, I sent Jase to school in sweatpants… because, being the Mother of the Year that I am, I forgot that it was picture day.

44 Things to Love About the South

Sometimes the South seems like its own little world. I was born in Georgia but moved to Alabama when I was too young to remember. I spent my summers as a kid having sleepovers, riding bikes til the sun went down and catching lightning bugs until Momma said it was time to come in. If…

Nap Time Godsend 

Nap time for us on the weekends goes one of two ways: it either doesn’t exist or it goes over like a turd in a punch bowl.  

Chicken Salad

On today’s lunch menu: chicken salad. This recipe is super simple – not because I’m lazy (not completely, anyway) but because I don’t like a lot of the extras that people usually put in theirs.

Best Banana Pudding Ever

I’m up early this morning y’all and I’m in the mood to cook. I got a random craving this week for some banana pudding so that’s first up today! This falls under my easy recipe collection, because it’s super easy! Servings: 10-12          Difficulty: low What you need: 1 package vanilla wafers…