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I Hate Cars

Okay, really I have a love/hate relationship with vehicles. I love cars, in that I appreciate them. I know a lot about them. I can tell you things about motors and axles and transmissions. But when they break, I hate them. Despise them. Pretty much ready to trade them in at that point.

For the last 3 years, I have had a loud roaring noise coming from my front driver side wheel. It sounded like I was in an 18 wheeler. Over the summer we realized it was a bad wheel bearing. I kept driving it anyway.

My reasoning behind not fixing the car is a combination of not wanting to spend money on it and not wanting to take the time to do it because here’s definitely other things I would rather be doing.

Yesterday I was turning out of a parking lot and I hear a crunching noise coming from the wheel. I thought it was going to fall off. I was scared for my life because I still had to drive it home from work. I called up a friend that has a mechanic shop and lucky for me he was able to get it done this morning in about an hour.

Then he sends me this…

See all those tiny little cracks? One of the cracks even exposes the wire in the tire. So what does that mean? I get to spend more money on the car! Yay…

I call to get quotes on tires from a few places and tell them they’re 16 inch wheels. Get the car to the tire place and the guy says they’re 17 inch wheels. I knew that. 

So what does that mean? I get to spend MORE money on the car. YAY.

The moral of this story?

Walk everywhere if you can. 


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