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I Have Been Blessed

I mean, that’s a pretty broad statement. Of course I’m blessed. I have way more than I ever imagined or deserve. In this particular instance, I’m talking about my job.

Who can honestly say they love their job? Not just love love it, but really love it? The people you work with. The people you work for. Every email. Every phone call. Every single last ounce. Let’s see a show of hands.

I absolutely, 100%, without a doubt love every single part of my job. I have been blessed tremendously with caring, giving, family-oriented bosses who teach and guide with understanding, and who never forget to show their appreciation.

The other day a co-worker made a joke to me. She said “don’t be surprised if you get home one day and there’s a ham on your doorstep.” Ironically enough, I got home that evening to a ham on my doorstep. No joke. That in itself is a blessing. First, those things are extremely expensive. Second, they sent them to everyone in the company.

Today though. Today was something I had never experienced in a job before. I got a Christmas bonus, along with a letter of appreciation. In my 18 years of working, I have never received a penny that wasn’t part of my regular pay. That sweet and unexpected surprise came at the perfect time! Who doesn’t need extra cash at Christmas time?

The moral of this story is this: blessings come in all different sizes, they come at anytime, and they’re most always unexpected.

‘Tis the season, yall!


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