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Catching Up


I feel like there’s so much y’all need to be caught up on. Of course, if you follow my Instagram, there isn’t much left to the imagination. But I’m going to assume there are some of you that aren’t on Instagram or who (for whatever freaking reason!) don’t follow me.

So let’s backtrack a month. . .


My little bitty, born less than 6 pounds, tiny baby turned TWO! What! Doesn’t seem real. Everyone always says that time goes so fast, but that doesn’t mean a thing until you have a kid. We asked him several times what kind of cake he wanted and he said “train” every time. Not sure if he just spit out the word “train” the first time he was asked and then associated that word with “cake” from that point on, or if he honestly wanted cake with a train on it. We’ll go with the latter of the two.


The weekend of his birthday, we took him to a jump park to play. I had been wanting to take him for a while, but was afraid he would get hurt. This particular place has special times that you can take kids under 6, and he was one of two kids there. Perfect timing! He loved it and he was completely worn out after an hour.


We also upgraded his bed to a Thomas the Train bed. He has slept in it once. We’ll just leave it at that….


And then this happened. We got a 4-wheeler. We have wanted one for a while but didn’t really want the payment. But one day Eric decided he was going to the bank to get a loan for it and bam. We have a 4-wheeler. Jase loves it. He asks to “4 weeder – ride.” Cutest thing ever.

The day after Halloween first week of November we decorated for Christmas. My absolute favorite time of year. I made the centerpiece for my table for a whole $8. Dollar Tree, for the win!


Jase loves sitting in front of the fire playing with his tractors. He holds his hands out like he’s warming them up and says, “hot! fire!”


The past Friday we went to a local Christmas parade. He got extremely impatient waiting on it to start, but once it got going he was so excited. He was on cloud nine with all the candy the floats were throwing to him. We’ll be going to another parade this Saturday, as well as going to see more Christmas lights. Maybe the rain will hold off.


This doesn’t really have anything to do with the last month. It’s just hilarious. The only way I could get him to stand still for a picture was by telling him to put his finger in his nose. He’s such a turd.

That’s about it, other than my Black Friday shopping extravaganza. From Friday to Sunday, I went in Walmart (only 3 different stores) 9 times. NINE. TIMES. My mom and I went to the Galleria in Birmingham and I spent $12 on a new Christmas ornament. No joke. Oh yeah, and that’s all I spent.

Y’all have a good one!


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