Why Wait?

So here it is guys. The start of something new. Nothing huge, figuratively speaking, and not really new to me, but new in other ways. I thought about waiting until the beginning of the new year… but why?Those of y’all that have been following along for a while have seen me say more than once that I never felt fully satisfied with my blog. The self-titled name… the look… the layout… all of it. I would honestly get bored with it and just not write for a while. That’s no good for your followers!

I’m thankful you guys are still here and I’m thankful you understand me!

I know it’s just blogging, but y’all it’s nerve-racking! All of my hundred-thousand-something views: GONE! All my hard work: DIFFERENT! Overall: SIMPLER! (I switched to WordPress)

I still have to get all my recipes transferred over – that will literally take the rest of my life – but I will make it happen!

I know some of y’all are wondering what’s up with the new name. But I also know those of you here in the south with me know what it means. Really it’s just a southern saying. Kinda like “gooder than grits.” But that doesn’t really describe my life as well as “three gallons of crazy in a two gallon bucket.” Does it?

I’m excited about my new blogging journey and look forward to sharing our daily life with y’all again!


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