The basis of this has brought a semi-serious question to mind: where are y'all from?? I really want to know so let me know for real! Moving on... I don't know about y'all, but here in Alabama, some things you just can't cook (according to grandma's all over the state) during the summer. Any kind of … Continue reading

Y'all!! I literally just took a year-long anti-blogging hiatus. But guess what!? I'M BACK HONEY! So, the first thing I just had to talk to y'all about is salad dressing. That's not weird, right? Okay, a little back story on this subject: the other night, Wesley Babe and I were craving - in the most … Continue reading

Hola señors and señoritas! Today's recipe is brought to you by my love for all foods Spanish! I know I sound like a broken record, but this dish is super easy and super delicious. You guys wouldn't see it here if it weren't! But seriously, you only need 4 ingredients! Here's what you need: 2 … Continue reading